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Water mist system

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3 Days


This Grade II listed home in Richmond consists of a basement, ground floor and two upper storeys. The upper floors within the property are served by a single staircase running the full height of the building, with the height to the second floor being greater than 4.5m above ground level. The main entrance to the dwelling is located at the front of the building, this leads into an entrance hall and kitchen. There are also stairs that give access to the basement and to the upper floors.

The homeowner wanted to renovate their property but had to ensure that the aesthetics of the grade II listed home weren’t affected. They explored a number of options and opted for a discreet high pressure water mist system to minimise any aesthetic changes and satisfy the Conservation Officer.


Aspis were tasked with designing and installing a high pressure water mist system to protect this Grade II listed property from potential fire damage.

The fire suppression system was installed in the basement and on the ground floor. After a thorough risk assessment, the team at Aspis Fire Safety opted for an iCO® Water Mist System due to its discreet and compact design. The specialist installation team completed the retrofit project within 3 days.

The fire suppression system is maintained every year by Aspis Fire Safety as part of an annual service and maintenance package. This ensures the system will perform as intended in the event of a fire.


Aspis Fire Safety is an accredited water mist system installer based in Covent Garden, London. As one of the UK’s leading contractors they design, install and maintain fire suppression systems for homes and residential properties such as care homes and student accommodation.


The iCO® water mist fire suppression system provides faster, safer and more reliable fire protection for homes and residential properties. All of our products are manufactured in the UK and installed worldwide by accredited fire suppression companies.

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