Fire Suppression Systems for domestic occupancy.

The iCO® Domestic Fire Suppression System was designed for homes and is used in thousands of domestic properties in the UK. iCO® is the ideal solution for any single-family dwelling property such as:

  • Individual dwelling house
  • Individual flat
  • Individual maisonette
  • Transportable home
Domestic Fire Sprinkler System
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Categorising your domestic fire suppression system project.

The designer or architect should determine which category of system is applicable at an early stage within the project. The type of property will affect various design considerations, such as the water requirements for the system.

For larger residential projects, such as care homes, hostels, dormitories, tower blocks or other HMOs, please visit residential water mist systems.

Domestic fire suppression system designed with aesthetics in mind.

Our low-profile water mist nozzles are the most discreet on the market and designed to blend seamlessly into the ceiling.

The compact iCO® water mist pump will fit in almost any kitchen cupboard, or similar size space and connects directly to the current water supply.

iCO® patented technology connects directly to the water mains using flexible piping and easy-fit fittings, making the system highly adaptable, cost efficient and easy to install. There is no need to upgrade the water mains or to fit an expensive water tank.

fire sprinkler system for homes and residential properties
water mist v traditional fire sprinkler systems

Maximum fire suppression, minimal water damage.

iCO® patented technology uses rapid, localised fire suppression, whereby only the water mist nozzle nearest the fire will operate: protecting other areas of your home from excess water damage. For a full list of the iCO® fire suppression system features and benefits, visit water mist systems.

On average iCO® uses 80% less water than traditional sprinklers: minimising water damage to your home in the event of a fire, whilst providing the same fire protection.