Water mist fire sprinkler system puts out five fires in less than six months

iCO® Fire Industry Association membership.

water mist system extinguishes five fires in six months

iCO® system extinguishes 5 fires in 6 months.

Water mist versus traditional fire sprinklers

Water mist systems versus traditional fire sprinklers.

water mist systems for architects

Water mist systems for architects and designers.

iCO Products® gain LPCB accreditation.

water mist systems for fire suppression companies

Water mist systems for fire suppression companies.

Our latest water mist projects and fire suppression case studies

Our latest projects page is now live.

The iCO® Water Mist System has been installed in thousands of domestic and residential properties, including; individual homes, block of flats, student accommodation, care homes, hotels, hostels, sheltered housing and more. Click the link below to view some of the latest projects from our accredited installers.