Water mist systems for architects.

Our discreet and easy to install water mist system is designed specifically for residential and domestic properties, offering exceptional design flexibility for Architects whilst providing rapid and effective fire protection for property owners. The iCO® Water Mist System is often used by Architects in conjunction with BS9991 to create open plan living whilst adhering to building regulations.

The iCO® water mist system offers more than design freedom and a solution for open plan living: it meets the highest performance standards, is independently tested to BS:8458 and is compliant with all building regulations. The compact iCO® pump unit connects directly to the water mains using flexible piping and easy-fit fittings, making the system highly adaptable, cost efficient and easy to install. There is no need to upgrade the water mains or to fit a large and expensive water tank.

Water mist fire sprinkler system puts out five fires in less than six months

The next generation fire sprinkler system.

iCO® manufacture and supply the industry leading water mist system for architects. Our patented technology is discreet and easy to install, providing faster, safer and more reliable fire suppression whilst unlocking the potential for domestic and residential properties.

All of our products are manufactured in the UK and installed worldwide by accredited fire suppression companies.

Patents granted: United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Europe

Patents pending: UAE

Product Details.

For technical specifications on the iCO® water mist system, please refer to the data sheets.

iCO® Water Mist Nozzles.

iCO® easy fit nozzles are extremely low profile and the most discreet on the market, sitting just 3mm below the ceiling. They can be colour matched to any colour using the RAL colour code system.

iCO Products® patented water mist technology uses 80% less water than traditional fire sprinkler systems: causing much less water damage, whilst providing effective fire protection.

Water Mist Nozzle

iCO water mist nozzle specifications

iCO® Water Mist Pump.

The compact iCO® pump unit connects directly to the existing mains water supply and only requires 12 litres per minute for rapid and effective fire suppression – saving significant amounts of water.

The smart-enabled iCO® system includes an on-board monthly self-test and manual test facility with real time monitoring and alerts.

The control board monitors the pump and is equipped with fire and fault N/O and N/C relays for use with third party equipment (e.g. alarms and fire panels).

iCO water mist pump specifications

Product Features.

Independently tested

The iCO® patented technology has been independently tested by Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Water Requirement

The iCO® system is designed to operate using the lowest flow and pressure possible (12I/min @ 1 bar).

Rapid response

The iCO® water mist system quickly eliminates all three elements that cause a fire (heat, fuel and oxygen).

Reliable activation

The iCO® nozzles are highly reliable and can be activated by a double knock trigger (heat and smoke): as an option to reduce the risk of false activation.

Localised suppression

Only the nozzle nearest the fire will operate: protecting other areas of the property from water damage.

Minimal water damage

On average iCO® uses 80% less water than traditional sprinklers, minimising water damage when activated.

Fully accredited

The iCO® system has an IP rating of IP53 and meets the fire performance tests outlined in BS:8458.

Real time monitoring and alerts

iCO® System GSM Monitoring provides real time alerts to your smart phone in case of an emergency or fault.

Enable open plan living

The iCO® Water Mist System enables safe open plan living whilst adhering to building regulations.

Low maintenance

The iCO® pump has a removable cover so that the internal components can be serviced on-site if needed.

Easy installation

iCO® simple design and flexible hoses make installation a breeze when compared to a conventional fire sprinkler system.

Discreet and compact design

The iCO® pump unit will fit in most kitchen cabinets. Our nozzles are the most discreet on the market and can be colour matched to any colour using the RAL colour code system.

Highly adaptable

iCO® adaptability means the system can be installed in almost any residential or domestic category project.

Environmentally friendly

The iCO® system only uses water from the mains when needed: saving vast amounts of water.

Cost efficient

The iCO® system connects directly to the current water supply: no need to upgrade the mains or install a water tank.

Automated self-testing

The iCO® pump unit automatically tests itself once a month to ensure the unit is functioning correctly. Unlike other systems, no water is used and no drain is required.

Domestic Water Mist System

iCO® is the ideal fire suppression solution for any domestic property or single family dwelling, such as a house, individual flat, maisonette or transportable home.

Residential Water Mist System

iCO® is the ideal fire suppression solution for any residential property such as blocks of flats, student accommodation, hotels, residential care premises and more.

Find a water mist system installer

iCO® water mist systems must be designed and installed by an accredited fire suppression company.

You can rely on your water mist system installer to handle all aspects of your installation, including surveys, design, fitting, testing and maintenance.

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