iCO® is a proud member of the Fire Industry Association

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is a not-for-profit trade association with the aim of promoting the professional status of the UK fire safety industry.

The FIA was formed by the merger of the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association and the British Fire Protection Systems Association and is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK and Europe.

The aim of the FIA is to promote the professional standards of the fire industry through close liaison and lobbying with Government and official bodies as well other key organisations in the industry. We aim to inform our members and the general market about the latest legislation.

FIA members sit on 50 different boards and committees, influencing developments and helping to decide how the industry moves forward. As an affiliate of the British Standards Institution (BSi), the FIA’s knowledge and heritage is essential to the development of new standards and the evolution of existing ones.

A frequent concern of stakeholders is in knowing whether a product will perform in accordance with the stated specifications. These concerns can involve safety, health or environmental impacts, durability, compatibility, sustainability, suitability for intended purposes or for stated conditions, and other similar considerations.

iCO Products® manufacture and supply fire suppression products that set the industry benchmark. Our patented products are recognised by Fire Brigades, Local Authorities and Insurance Companies to meet the appropriate performance and safety standards for effective fire protection. For more information, please visit fire suppression products or our accreditations.

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