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Dimensions: 342mm (W)x 342mm (D) x 495mm
Clearance requirement 100mm of clear space required around on each side for ventilation.
Voltage rating: 240V
Current rating: 13A
Power Supply Connection: Dedicated 16A fused supply on from the NON RCD side of the board. Fire rated cable required
Inlet connection: 1/2” BSP
Outlet connection: 3/8” BSP 60° Cone
Water requirement: 12 lpm @ 1 bar Minimum
Pump run sound pressure level: 79db @ 1 m
Pump run Flow switch: 0.5lpm
Weight: 24kg
Serviceability Access: Removable front cover with security screws
Internal Components: Corrosion resistant brass and stainless steel
Mounting: Floor or wall mount
Standing Pressure: Mains water pressure 1-10bar
Running Pressure: Adjustable 10-100bar
Mains low pressure monitoring: Set at 0.5 bar
Mains water over pressure protection: Pressure relief set at 20bar
Pump run time: 10min or 30min adjustable with pump and actuated ball valve shut off
Operation: Wet type or pre-action linked to smoke detection
Self-test: Monthly self-test
Heat protection: Thermal fuse set at 100degC
Fire relay: 2x NO / NC volt free 30vDC 1 A
Fault relay: 2x NO / NC volt free 30vDC 1 A
Priority demand valve output: 12v 1A
Power out: 12v 1A
Power monitoring: Battery backed up audible alarm for fault monitoring
Battery monitoring: Check every 8mins if battery is detached
System indication: Internal LCD display
Control valve: Integral Isolation valve, drain valve & Pressure gauge
Strainer: Internal 500 micron filter
IP Rating: IP53
Manual controls: Internal and optional external manual start and stop button